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Team working for achievement of the optimum long-term capital growth

who are we

We are an Australia based estate consultancy

that provides comprehensive property investment services to both national and international clients. We bring our clients the best possible deals filtered by our specialists to cater to their individual and exclusive needs.

The standard real estate agents or regular property investment consultants encourage their vendors to spend their money on their personally enlisted properties. These properties are not guaranteed to meet your personal needs. With our deep knowledge, we can ease you into the market and quickly educate you. This will enable you to feel confident about putting an offer forward as soon as you see the right property.

We deploy a structured approach designed specially to ensure that both your individual needs as well as quality are not compromised but optimized. Our property consultants investigate your personal situations individually and independently to best understand the requirements and restrictions. We aim to help you to decide to optimize your satisfaction.

Once the best course of action is understood, we then work towards locating and negotiating the property from all available properties using our database of the finest developers. We flesh out the most proficient developers who build the best boutique developments in the diverse areas to enable the achievement of the optimum long-term capital growth. This enables us to work with you as a team to fulfill your personal needs.

Our Team

A great team is crucial for diverse skills and expertise

Chettan Oberoi

Founder & Principal Consultant

Chettan is director and Founder of 1Clique Consulting Services. He is based in Melbourne from where he leads the firm and our expertise work in property development and property consultancy.He brings over 15 years of international experience in business development and consulting. Before founding 1Clique consulting services he worked with leading global companies in Australia and India on their business development and management projects. Recognized for building and maintaining solid relationships with clients, stakeholders, and team members, he has a go-getter attitude with an ability to easily get new ideas, concepts, methods, and investment techniques to build wealth for the clients.Chettan holds a post graduate certification from Indian institute of Management, Kozikode. with majors in strategy and marketing. He also holds masters & bachelor’s degree along with various certifications in the field of building, construction, and insurance.He enjoys building long-term relationships with clients. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge to empower his clients and investors to make informed financial decisions, as well as to support them to efficiently implementtheir property portfolio building strategies.

After working as a Sales Executive and Sales Manager for over 20 years in Banking and Finance, insurance, and operating his own business for 7 years, Vila Bouahom is a superstar property consultant to join our consultant team. He brings a wealth of knowledge in sales and business development, a great deal of understanding in lending, business operations, and consumer service, and a passion for helping people meet their financial goals. He is an honest, customer-focused, welcoming professional who enjoys having conversations with people.

He understands buying a property can be stressful, and with his extensive experience in dealing with consumers, he has the desire to make buying property simple, stress-free, and affordable. He also saves you time and money while focusing on strategies to achieve your financial and retirement goals so you can live the lifestyle you dream of. Vila renders services to his clients, giving them comfort and confidence and doing everything possible to surpass their expectations.

If Vila is not working hard at 1Clique Consultancy strategizing, negotiating, and closing deals for our clients, you will find him hiking, reading, learning new things, and doing homeless outreach, helping those who are struggling on the streets, giving them hope and love to overcome personal challenges in life. As a Christian, believing in Jesus Christ, he has a passion for helping people and spreading the love of Christ to humanity.

Our Values

Our actions are guided by the five foundational values of our firm.

Striving for excellence.

We believe excellence is a process, not a result. We continually strive to raise the bar, for ourselves and for our clients to achieve exceptional results.


The commitment to candid advice is in our DNA. We believe clients hire us for our independence and our objectivity, therefore we never shy away from telling the hard truths the clients must confront to move forward.

Always learning.

For us lifelong learning is not a buzzword. It is a belief we practice every day. Through self-directed learning, reverse mentoring, and pioneering research, we have built a culture that keeps our people and our clients at the leading edge of management thinking.

People focused.

At 1Clique Consultancy we believe in exploring people’s true potential – whether in our clients’ or our own. It is thanks to this deep and enduring commitment that we can be a catalyst for investment property management.

Your personal investment goals and financial health are your source of
competitive advantage; therefore, we adhere to the strict levels of client
confidentiality during our engagements and beyond.
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Our Strength
Our people

When you work with our people you are not just working with highly skilled consultants, you are also collaborating with owners and entrepreneurs, whose long-term professional progress is intimately linked to your success.

Diversity of talent.

Our wider view of talent brings a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our teams, helping foster a culture of critical thinking and discussion. So, you can be rest assured that our strategic recommendations have been tested from every single angle.

Global perspective.

Our team brings experience from markets, businesses, and leading universities around the world. Combining a global perspective with our deep Melbourne market expertise.